Welcoming An Annoying Guest!

Aaron Blanco Tejedor On Unsplash

At the dentist..
Examination room is very small and crowded..
A doctor, a nurse and a tall patient complaining about his molars..
And the electronic detection chair that occupies most of the room space..
I lie in the chair and remember shrink’s chaiselong..
At the psychiatrist, there is no chaiselong at all..
Just an office in front of which you sit on a chair, as if you are visiting your accountant or your lawyer..
And all of this was replaced after the covid with sessions via Zoom application..
There is no chaiselongs at most of shrinks anyway, just a romantic movie theme..
My mouth is wide open, my eyes staring at the flashlight hanging above..
Eight eyes of light watching me, four from the right and four from the left of the modern multi-functional medical light, which moves freely to the right and left, up and down..
It stares at me, i stare back at it..
It follow me, i follow it..
I recognize something in this light, I see an E.T. coming from space..
Watching my mouth in strict precision..
The doctor tells me, “Open your mouth right,” about every five minutes..
The doctor says to me, “Relax your tongue,” about every ten minutes..
It’s over after two hours of misery..
I feel in my mouth — where the molars are filled — as if there is a basalt stone..
My sister says: It’s normal, the strange feeling will be gone after two days..
Mom says: It’s normal, the strange feeling will be gone after three days..
The doctor says: I need a panoramic x-ray on the rest of the teeth, and I will see you in four days..
With my tongue I feel the new “stone” that was implanted inside my mouth..
I feel uncomfortable..
Prepare myself for a new, annoying guest..
I have to live with it.
I rinse with mouthwash, for a full minute, as recommended by the doctor..
Feelings of resentment are flushed with the transparent liquid..

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.