True Detective: Revisiting Truman Capote!

In the third season of True Detective, writer Emilia, wife of the great detective “Wayne Hess” — Mahershala Ali — points to a very important book, Truman Capote’s masterpiece “In Cold Blood”, a book based on the true story of a family was murdered in cold blood by a group of thugs at the end of the fifties in Kansas (American Midwest), Capote said that he reinvented a new writing style during his work on that piece, and indeed the book is considered one of the American literature classics based on a true story (mixing journalism with literature and a spacious cinematic sense) And his impact is very clear in writing the third season of True Detective, in style and mood, which reflected also on the first and second seasons. you can relate the Capote style in season three by noticing its own taste, a completely different calm rhythm, and an internal dialogue, with focus on “Memory” and “Writings”.

I had read the original book “ In Cold Blood” years ago, and I watched the two movies which tackled the story of writing this work (the two films I highly recommend), the first one is called “Capote”, bearing the name of the famous journalist writer, starring the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, which won an Academy Award in tribute of his outstanding performance, and the other movie is called “Infamous”, starring Daniel Craig in a completely different role that will surprise those who are used to seeing Craig as a Agent Double O Seven (James Bond).

Truman Capote is the writer of another famous movie (which I also recommend): Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I don’t think there is a person on the planet who has not gone through the movie in one way or another. You’ve probably seen the black and white classic movie, or heard its wonderful romantic song “Moon River”, or remembered the picture of its heroine “Audrey Hepburn” with her sweet, girly smile, classic elegance and a long cigarette in hand.

The third season of TD, the story, writing and memory are its main ingredients, paying tribute to Truman Capote and his book in direct and glamorous way, in a glimpse of good taste and great literature of this drama creators, and in huge respect for the accumulated experience of American writing and its role in shaping the world’s literary taste.



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