The Soundtrack of My Life!

I put the headphones in my ears
pick up my phone
Open the SoundCloud app
I feel calm when I see the orange color of the app
Quiet orange cloud full of sounds
Isolates me from everything around
I view my Playlist
10 years separate me from the first track I added to this list
A full decade, a full life
My fingers run across the phone screen, the menu scrolls, my life scrolls with it
Memories are pouring before my eyes, like an extra layer I see it’s reflection on the screen
This is the track I added when I was sad
And that’s when I lost someone
And that’s when depression took hold of my neck
And that’s when he loosened his fist a little bit
And that’s when I left Cairo
And that’s when I came back to it
And that’s when I was alone
And that’s when I was with the ones I love
And that’s when I was poor
And that’s when I had money in my pocket
And that’s when I loved the one I loved the most
And that’s when love is lost
And that’s when I found it again
I haven’t yet clicked on the play button for any of the songs
But the memories played a melody that I heard echoing inside my head
And inside my soul
This is the Soundtrack of my life
It started, but it’s not over yet



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Mohammad Gamal

Mohammad Gamal

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.