Caring About Self-Care!

One of the things that enlightened me while watching the wonderful series “I May Destroy You”, is the concept of “self care”!

It is not meant to take care of oneself, that one eats, drinks and sleeps only, but also taking care of physiological and mental health as well. Every day we make a great effort in work, life and taking care of others, and we forget that with daily life there is great psychological and nervous pressure, life is exerting on us, this pressure if it is not taken care of , may affect us and affect those around us, and pressure may build up inside us and then explode in a moment.

This venting must take place in a conscious and healthy way in order to be able to enjoy a balanced life. We must have our own time to take care of “ourselves”, practicing breathing exercises, yoga, going to therapy, doing activities such as painting, meditation, long walks and sports, among the most important things that keep us balanced, and keep us Sane, just paying attention to our entitlement to a special time between us (even a quarter of an hour or half an hour a day) may change our lives and the lives of those around us in an indescribable way.

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.