Mohammad Gamal

Fridays have a taste

Fridays have memories

Fridays have that smell of gatherings

My mother’s breakfast

Our family view around the morning table

And my grandfather’s tales

And drinking hot tea on the sunny balcony

He looks at his watch from time to time

In order not to be late for prayer,

And so that he does not miss the Friday Quran

And when we finished prayers at the mosque, he slows down on the way back home

To see as many loved ones and relatives

We greet them and chat with them

And we share laughter with them

And when we come back, mom is waiting for us

Iced lemon in summer

Or the warm winter Sahlab

With her smiles in summer and winter

Until she finishes preparing lunch

Offering with the delicious food, some warm memories.. till next week



Mohammad Gamal

Mohammad Gamal

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.