The man who preferred to fall from the World Trade Tower

After witnessing the plane crash

After seeing Hell

After volcanoes of crazy flames rose from the burning fuel

The man who preferred to fall

From that looming tower

Down from hundreds of floors

What was he thinking during his free fall?

That free fall which toke so long

Like forever

This guy who didn’t scream

Who did not talk

He did not have a smart phone

nor facebook

nor youtube

To broadcast his fall live

He didn’t have Twitter

To read his last testimonials

What he was thinking?

This is the man whose name we do not know

His photo topped the newspaper pages the next day

A French newspaper declared:

Today, we are all Americans!

We didn’t have Drones at the time to provide him with a lifeline

No artificial intelligence preparing the country for danger before it happens

Nor Elon Musk saves him with Avengers technology

In that infernal moment

Where the earth and sky burned

I don’t think he thought about the white man’s politics

Nor the White House wars

Nor in Al Qaeda founded by the Americans

Fighting the Soviets during the Cold War

I don’t think he thought of Bush

Nor Clinton

The face of Osama bin Laden had never crossed his mind

I think his mind is in a field of nothing

land of limbo

This guy had nothing

That is why he preferred to fall from Hell

They took from him the hope of survival

They took from him the hope of life

They took him one last chance to say goodbye to his loved ones

looking at his son

and kisses his wife

This is the man who fell

Reminds me of Bouazizi -of Tunisia- who set himself on fire

Reminds me of the -Palestinian- prisoners who dug a tunnel with a spoon

To freedom

They know that they will be re-arrested

But,They preferred to send us a message

So simple, like a spoon

Very strong, like falling

Outrageous expression, like burning

May someone wake up

May this crazy world

come back to its senses

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.