8 Female Writers You Can Learn From!

  1. Margaret Atwood
    The voice coming from the depths of Atwood’s works such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Testaments” is not just a woman’s voice, it is the opposite voice of masculine domination, and the usual masculine narrative, from Atwood, you can discover new narrative voices that make your works explore new regions of the world, offering amazing new visions, mine fresh views out of the ordinary.
  2. Radwa Ashour
    If you seek to write in depth details coming from origins, characterization, smell, smell of places, fragrance of memories, and details of characters that sculpt history in their faces, clothes, form of movement and dialects, you can learn from the giant “Radwa Ashour”, and her eternal masterpieces such as “Al-Tantouria” and “The Granada Trilogy”. She also can guide you through “Research” process and pre-writing work.
  3. Bernardino Evaristo
    If you want to write fiction and creativity in the form of poetry, in the form of texts that coil themselves as tightly braided poems, Evaristo can teach you that, her voices tell the most tiny details of experiences, difficulties and challenges in shape of beautiful poetic form, as songs that celebrate life, its difficulties before its delights.
  4. Ahdaf Soueif
    A true master in contemporary realistic writing, puts you in the heart of our Cairo, our present, our revolution, our successes, our love stories, our stories of stumbling , the minute details of the era we live in, in a way that amazes us even though we lived through all these details and went through them all.
  5. Elif Shafak
    Here is the school of Sufi writing, and the wonderful human sense that praises the “religion of love,” which transcends ethnicities, religions, and ideas, for what is common, what is essential, and what “combines and does not divide,” and what brings us back to the essence of humanity.
  6. Inaam Kachachi
    Unlike Shafak, Inaam finds her goal in shedding light on human failure, conflicts, wars, contradictions and paradoxes, and she comes out of it with the human essence that makes us able to continue, to be consistent with the self (or coexist with it), her writing makes you come out of the conflict as a conflict, and focus on the stories of individuals, Small People In this big complex world, Kachachi holds a finding glass capable of Zoom In and Zoom Out, a very amazing technique to learn from.
  7. Jokha alharthi
    Jokha is a gem-seeker, able, for example, to dive into the desert community (which may appears from surface as a sandy, desert-like, yellow-colored Bedouin society), finding in it gems, gems of culture, heritage, story, narration, wisdom, and example, and makes a unique necklace out of all of that.
  8. Isabel Allende
    A master of magical realism and fantasy writing, you can learn how to blend reality with fantasy, life with legend, the real and meta by tracing the stories of Isabel Allende, and her worlds that transcend geographical boundaries, transcend time and space, and articulate the imperceptible.



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Mohammad Gamal

Mohammad Gamal

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.