10 Tips to Help You Focus on Writing

living in world of distraction may make it very hard to focus on writing, this is how get back to writing easily.

You want to start working on your book, story, poem, article, essay or any kind of writing material, and you feel stuck, you can’t get out of the distraction-full world, you keep postponing your project, your passion and your get-down-to-it moment. Here’s some guaranteed simple tricks to help you out.

1- Choose A Place

Selecting the right set-up to work on your writing is very important, ask yourself what kind of place you feel more productive, more creative, more focused and more cozy. is it at home? at coffeeshop? at a public library? over a desk, at a balcony or in your living room? pick that perfect spot, station yourself there and get the writing going.

2- Turn-Off Your Distraction

For a writing session (duration of dedicated time for writing, planning to writing, thinking about writing, that could be 15 minutes to 30 minutes long) turn off anything that can distract you, your phone, your tv, your FM radio, whatever it is. you can check any important notifications/updates once the session is over, not during. once the break is done, get to your next writing session, cut your self from anything but your writing.

3- Reward Yourself

Yes, you should be rewarded when you complete something. reward yourself with a nice drink, or a sandwich, or 20 minutes of Netflix when you finish some task, like writing a page, or 200 words, or whatever goal you set. this will keep you motivated, and reinforce sense of achievement.

4- Choose the Timing

You can’t write easily when you tired, or overloaded, or busy. choose the time to write, when you energy is up and your mind is clear. it could be at the start of the day, it may be at your break hour in work, it could be after working out at the GYM. Choosing the time for your writing and planning ahead for it, is very important.

5- Turn it into a Habit

By choosing the right time and the right place, this could easily turn into a habit, writing needs discipline, motivate your self to “Writing for 30 minute every morning”, or “Writing 100 words 3 times a week” or “Having two writing sessions, one before and another after the GYM”.

6- Share It

Don’t be shy, share your writing (even drafts) with friends, colleagues, family members, followers and friends on social media. You’ll be surprises by the kind of energy you will get from their feedback. You feel great about how they will get interested, this will give you huge reason to continue writing, and reach for more wide audience.

7- Decorate

Decorate your writing station, use plants, greenery, paintings, and other artistic and visual items to surround you. it gives visual space to reflect, think and feel relaxed while writing.

8- Mix Your Tools

You like to write using computer, try to use traditional paper-pad and a pen, try to use your phone for writing (while on don’t disturb mode), you’ll be surprised about the fun you’ll have trying new tools and mixing your creative mediums.

9- Make It Fun

Turn on your favorite music, have a side note-book to mind-map, doodle, draw characters, scratch your ideas, and to describe yourself and your thoughts. Writing doesn’t have to be some formal thing to do, make it fun, explore, experience and try new crazy fun stuff to keep you going.

10- Leave It

You’re done writing a piece? leave it for a while, like a day or two, then get back to it with a fresh-eye, you’ll find great things to modify/add/enhance just because you give it space to breath, and you gave your mind a break by not focusing on the piece and go with other things.

Author and Entrepreneur, Winner of MIT Pan Arab Award 2015, Founder & Co-CEO of Kotobna.